Welcome to the Institution for Psychophysiological Behavioral Medicine, IPBM

Bo von Schéele, professor, director of IPBM

IPBM started 1998 but have been resting last years but now awaken while we do believe that applied (clinically or not) psychophysiology begin to be of interest also in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Initially we will reorganize a project group with the aim

  • To organize annual meetings,
  • Clinical and not-clinical education enabled to attend while working full time as well as time for own family and leisure and
  • Promote R&D within applied psychophysiology and related field as e.g. biopsychosocial stress medicine (see Swedish stressmedicin.se and www.biopsychosocialmedicine.com as well as www.skillsbeforepills.com, the latter also planned to restart!
  • Start up IPBM foundations for supporting needed research as well as systems integrating biopsychosocial medicine knowledge development (see also www.biopsychosocialmedicine.com)

During  late 2019 and 2020 gradually more info will come at this web page as well as at other media!

Bo von Schéele, professor and founder 1998 together with
Professors Lennart Melin and Professor Töres Theorell