Planning for applied psychophysiology
(as a platform for biopsychosocial stress medicine) 2015

As we now expect an increase in interests from different scientific, clinical and non-clinical fields concerning learning and using applied psychophysiology, we start up with planning for a real educational start during 2015 with this field. Until now I have been one of a few working clinically with applied psychophysiological stress medicine and with satisfaction we will share our own as well as our colleagues, members of Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback,

During the years I have argued that increasing interests within health care systems will be decisive for a real developed of applied psychophysiology in Sweden – and now it seems emerge. My contribution “to” support the development of AAPB, (member since 1992) will probably be more in line with this initiative, that is organizing education/practice and organizing meeting in Sweden. To ” transfuse” applied psychophysiology to become shared knowledge and practice of clinical, non-clinical and scientific groups and networks – and not used by a very few persons – is our goal and we hope that this initiative will be one important step to achieve this.

As we have worked in Sweden more like primary care (also colleting blood and medical examination) our need is somewhat more than what I know (not very updated) BCIA offers.

The below might give a picture of my thinking
The table is showing the plan where the BCIA education, which is ”surrounded” by a more elementary education and an university education which can be expanded

Education-certification plan for Sweden by Bo von Scheele

What we need now for launching the BCIA Sweden is to
1. Organize a project group for the Swedish BCIA education who can – mostly via internet with both Swedish and AAPB members
2. Plan for startup BCIA workshops in Sweden during first half of 2015. The idea is that we will formally launch the BCIA Sweden at a workshop and public meeting June 2-3 where visit us for a two day workshop. Paul Lehrer and I already have started to organize.

2014-11-05 Bo von Scheele