About us

The Institute for Psychophysiological Behavioral Medicine is an institute for the development of lifestyle-focused medicine that was started in 1998 by Professors Töres Theorell, Lennart Melin and Bo von Schéele. IPBM is based on many years of scientific and clinical work in biopsychosocial anchored stress medicine – see Swedish main website www.stressmedicin.se.

The story in brief is:
The foundation of the operation is Bo von Schéeles thesis 1986; ”Cognitive and cardiovascular assessment of a multifaceted treatment package for negative stress”, Department of Psychology, Uppsala University. It is based on F.F.A. Richard Lazarus and his group’s work at the time, as well as psychophysiology (Gary Schwartz, Paul Grossmans and Steven Porge’s work) and a personality psychology developed by George Kelly.

In short, ”treatment” in the dissertation means here group education and coached individuals´ self-tailoring of a biopsychosocial knowledge practical based toolbox based on ”MBiL – co-determination in life”. Individuals activities were validated by pre-and post-measurement of subjective and psychophysiological parameters. The basic question was thus ”can we, through knowledge and its individual application, prevent or self-treat negative stress” – what we today still call for concerning stress-related problems/diseases. The dissertation attracted no greater interest in Sweden, but to some extent internationally. There is now a restart and more websites that this one! More info about those websites will come.

1991 formally stress medicine was founded in Sweden in Hälsingland. Over time stress medicine clinics were built up within Gävleborg in Bollnäs, Hudiksvall, Gävle, and Söderhamn, further clinics were developed in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö – from 1993 to 2006 (later under the name PBM Sweden AB, www.pbm.se). The company’s founder was Bo von Schéele, Ph D and professor and Eva von Schéele, CEO, left our company 2006. Then Bo von Schéele re-started Stress Medicine SMAB AB again to speed up innovation, development and research within (biopsychosocial anchored) stress medicine. See more www.stressmedicin.se

About the Institute of Psychophysiological Behavioral Medicine, IPB: 1998 was IPBM (as an economic compound of seeking research grants in the area) by Professor Töres Theorell, Professor Lennart Melin and (at that time Ph D) Professor Bo von Schéele .

The focus is both nationally and internationally and much of the work that IPBM has done over the years has had a strong connection with www.aapb.org and colleagues within this organization. These have been of great significance importance for the development of our version of stress medicine since the beginning of the 1991, although the way in which development has taken place in Sweden has substantially differences with the traditional ones within AAPB (this is probably also shown under the heading ”science”).

För mera info – maila to info@stressmedicin.se