A psychophysiological behavioral medicine educational program will be lanced during last part of 2019 at this website but it will possible also for formal academic use during 202o for interested institutions. It is an update based on 30 years of clinical work within Integrated psychophysiological behavioral medicine. Extensive clinical work has prevented traditional publications of this somewhat special Swedish approach – motivating in the educational program also clearly descriptions of basic theory and paradigm platforming as well as its practical implementation which is very much focused on real world practice and its multifaceted biopsychosocial scientific base where patient education and personalized tailoring of the biopsychosocial toolbox is in princip a continuation of George Kelly´s personal construct theory in general and his ”man as a scientist”-approach especially!

Below some information:
Invitation to IPBM education and practice 2019-2021-flyer
Introduction to Integrated Psychosocial Behavioral Medicine PDF

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