HRV-biofeedback education & certification

HRV BIOFEEDBACK CE COURSE by Professor Paul Lehrer
(HRV = Heart rate variability)

Following the education and certification – see – we plan to start an education in Sweden starting with a workshop by Paul Lehrer, who is one of those scientists/coinicians contributing to the development of RSA and HRV during the 1990-ties.

The full program is BCIA-GeneralBlueprint, where we will provide both full education following the blueprint plan as well as adding some from our Swedish clinical psychophysiological stress medicine approach, e.g. adding parts of cell metabolism with focus on hypo- and hypercapnea.

We will also provide a Swedish version which is more practical and shorter for those who can not invest time, effort and money in the more comprehensive, extensive one. This shorter on will not be certified by BCIA but by a IPBM board.

WS with Paul Lehrer is planned June 2-3 2015

More information here ASAP