About us

A board for the Swedish BCIA is during development and will be presented below soon.

Meanwhile some brief information about Bo von Schéele, responsible for this initiative

bo_von_scheeleBo has worked with clinical psychophysiological stress medicine since 1991 with Stress Medicine AB and he is chair of the international section of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, www.aapb.org,

Brief background

  •  Music studies in Sweden, and in Vienna. Piano, conductor and composer. Due to extreme stress left music 1979 and started study with a
  •  PhD degree in Psychology, Uppsala University, Department of psychology, 1986, “Assessment of a multifaceted treatment package of negative stress: A cognitive and cardiovascular approach”.
  •  Due to no particular interest for biopsychosocial stress medicine at that time von Scheele started a company Stress Medicine AB for research, knowledge development and clinical work. Founded together with professor Lennart Melin and professor Töres Theorell the Swedish Center for Stress Medicine 2001 (non-profit activities). The development is of all activities are done without any normal research grants – might be too provocative for traditional medicine – see http://skillsbeforepills.com/our-scientific-approach/. Instead Stress Medicine AB has reinvests in knowledge development, some research from income from clinical work.
  •  Professor in Medical Engineering, Mälardalen University, 2008, working with complex systems analysis in psychophysiological behavioral medicine. Now University independent.
  •   Now working to encourage development of applied psychophysiology (i) as chair of the international section of AAPB (www.aapb.org), (ii) promote education and certification in cooperation with BCIA and interested Universities in Sweden, (iii) support health care systems with applied psychophysiological knowledge and practice and (iv) “move” practical parts of clinical work into education and personalized knowledge implementation – www.healthcreators.com  with a first focus on ADHD (www.adhdskolan.com in Sweden) and hypertension. The idea is to provide individuals without medical or psychological education in terms of ”patients as educated resources in their own rehabilitation” enabling health care services to provide additional support, when needed. Lifestyle medicine for people is the basic approach where e.g. patients can learn using integrated biofeedback for rehabilitation of stress related diseases and problems. Also prevention of lifestyle related diseases and problems is also the goal for healthcreators.com.